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Each Söderlund Guitar is a fresh adventure in the pursuit of beauty, tone and playability. No complete design is built more than once, making each Söderlund guitar unique and imminently collectible. Choose from undiscovered and rare African tonewoods or established timbers that have earned their instrument status over centuries of luthery.
John's guitar

Every guitar, unique

In the guitar world, the wheel has largely been invented. But even the most time-tested wheels can be refined. Predicated on this idea, I have revisited some of my favourite guitars from the past 70 years, changed what I think can work better and been careful to retain the elements that contribute to the inimitable character, playability and tone of each style of instrument.

I've also added some radical design departures in some of my experimental models. They embody greater player comfort, enhanced tonality and radically fresher design lines. All models are available in custom order options that include multiscale, short-scale or baritone scale lengths, a vast choice of woods and your choice of components from most of the leading, top-shelf manufacturers from around the world.

Every detail, intended

Söderlund Guitars are hand-made, one-off acoustic and electric instruments built by myself, using unusual and toneful woods from Africa and around the world. Many of my instruments are built in close consultation with my clients, allowing you to specify wood choices, scale length, hardware and details that are typically not customisable on factory-built instruments.

John's guitar
John's guitar


Each Söderlund Guitar is designed for a specific musical purpose. Spec guitars are built to fill a gap that I imagine has not been filled, either in ergonomics, aesthetics or tone. These instruments are all one-off combinations of woods, components and playability dimensions. Custom instruments come in whatever fancy you can dream up. Custom instruments are co-designed with the buyer to ensure a perfectly fit-for-purpose instrument. To begin a custom build, get in touch on my contact page and we can begin collaborating. Wait times vary in line with the my current order book, but custom builds typically take 8 months to complete from the payment of the initial 50% deposit.